Bill Bruno's Home Page

Theoretical Biology and Biophysics, Group T-10

MS K-710, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos, NM 87545

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Research Interests

My main interest is in making use of aligned protein sequences to extract sequence/structure/function relationships. Because aligned sequences are not mutually independent, this project requires a great deal of phylogenetic analysis. I wrote a program called RIND (for Reconstructed INDependence) to estimate position-specific residue frequencies from a protein alignment (Bruno 1996). I have begun to look at sequence covariation in this context. More generally my interests include sequence analysis, phylogenetic reconstruction, genomics, and pattern formation.


The weighbor homepage. Weighbor is a fast, accurate, and essentially un-biased alternative method for constructing evolutionary trees from a sequence-derived distance matrix.


The RIND homepage.


The distance homepage. Distance is a program written by Lars Arvestad that implements a least-squares method for estimating general reversible DNA substitution matrices and evolutionary distances.


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